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Kids Menu

All kinds of delicious meals for the little ones! Check them out!

Build Your Own Poutine

Build your own Poutine how you like it!
Your choice of Traditional (gravy & cheese), Classic Italian (tomato sauce & cheese), or No Sauce

Sicilian Gourmet Poutinerie

Our Large variety of gourmet Poutine is what our customers love. Have a look at our selection.

Mamma’s Gourmet Sandwiches

Served with crispy golden fries. Substitute with salad $1.99, Substitute with poutine, soup or onions rings (ea.) $2.99

From The Grill

Tasty & Juicy! Our variety of 6oz. & 8oz. Alberta Beef Steaks are not to be missed! Served with Caesar salad & fries OR Penne with tomato sauce.

Sicilian Chef Specialties

Our finest chef specialties! Delicious mouth watering variety at a great price.


Served with fries, tartar sauce & fresh lemon.

Oven-baked Pastas

Served with garlic bread, our oven baked pastas is a customer favorite!

Add extra Tomato or Alfredo sauce $0.99, Add cheese to your pasta $1.99, Add grilled chicken, shrimp, meat sauce or meatballs $3.99

Build Your Own Pasta

Choose your Sauce, Choose your Pasta & Add all the toppings you love! Served with garlic bread Add Cheese, bacon, pepperoni or Jalapenos to your bread (ea.) $0.75

Build Your Own Pizzas

Choose the dough
Choose your Sauce
Choose all your favorite toppings
And there you’ll have it you new favorite pizza baked to perfection!

Sicilian Gourmet Pizzas

Take a look at our selection of our Top pizzas. Thin crust with zesty Tomato sauce, fresh garlic, herbs & Jolina Cheese

Sicilian Gourmet Pastas

Take at look at all our authentic Pasta dishes. All pasta is served with Garlic Bread
Add extra tomato or alfredo sauce $0.99, Add cheese $1.99, Add Grilled Chicken, Shrimp, Meat sauce or meatballs $3.99


See our large selection of Soft drink Pepsi products & juices.

Alcohol served in our Luigi’s Lounge.

Dipping Sauce

See our Selection of Dipping Sauces (ea.) $0.88

Famous Baked Panzerotti

Baked in the oven with Zesty tomato sauce, Jolina Cheese & your choice of 3 Regular toppings! Available in Whole Wheat add $0.99


We all have a sweet tooth….What Dessert will you choose today?







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