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Reza opened his first pizza shop in 1991, placing permanent roots in his newfound home, only 3 years after coming to Canada. Reza’s business flourished thanks to his hard work ethic, working around the clock to ensure everyone got to experience his pizza making talent. Even after becoming an owner, Reza still was the one in the kitchen making the pizza’s for his customers to ensure they were getting quality food and putting his pizza making speed to good use.
Interested in success and expansion, he later owned and operated the very first franchise store of a large pizza conglomerate. There he learned to diversify the ingredients and tastes to create original and new products, testing his imagination and creativity. From his early childhood, Reza enjoyed helping his grandfather knead the dough in the family bakery. He spent his time as a young lad making dough shapes of horses and camels. Reza also experimented with creating a round dough where he can decorate it with spices and ingredients his grandmother had in her kitchen.

While operating the pizza franchise, Reza wanted to grow and expand his business and in 2000 he opened up a large, upscale, international gourmet cuisine, family-dining restaurant with over 200 seats.

The latest venture for Reza in 2000 was to take his years of experience and his love for creating food art to launch the first Sicilian Gourmet Pizza & Pasta franchise, with online ordering, take-out, and delivery. Providing customers with not only convenience through technology and tradition, but also an exceptional taste. He wanted to create an exquisite collection of gourmet foods for take out or delivery, that were a feast to the eyes and mouthwateringly tantalizing.
With international flavor, the Sicilian Gourmet food gallery serves authentic quality foods prepared with the best ingredients, revolutionizing the art of pizza and pasta making, brought to the comfort of your home.

Reza has found his career, where he gets to make a contribution to the community and to society. He constantly challenges himself to achieve a higher level of success and insert innovative ideas by offering high quality food’s that satisfy. He says his secret for success is truly loving what you do and having the passion to get up every day at the crack of dawn with a smile and eagerness, to do it over and over and over.


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